Welcome to JBI PACES

PACES (Practical Application of Clinical Evidence System) is a user-friendly online tool that makes it easy for health professionals to conduct efficient, timesaving audits in small or large health care settings.

PACES can play a key role in meeting any health care organisation’s primary objective: achieving better outcomes for patients and health care consumers.

PACES is available to health care facility members, including hospitals, nursing homes, community health services, general practices/family health physician practices and school health services in thirty-five countries.

How does PACES help? Health care facilities can expend enormous amounts of time, energy and resources finalising audits, only to find that nothing gets done about actually introducing change. PACES creates that time for change and encourages action.

And PACES goes one step further. This easy tool offers online support to facilitate a process of change in relation to the use of evidence in practice on a given activity or intervention.

To conduct a PACES cycle, users select from a range of topics with predetermined, evidence-based audit criteria, and collect the data, either directly or from a printed data collection tool downloadable on line. When users log on to PACES they are presented with a list of active PACES cycles for that user name.

Clinicians enter the audit data, and then its automatically analysed by the PACES program. The audit analysis highlights any areas of concern to be addressed.

Someone using PACES